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Hello, I'm Daan - founder of Softlab25. UK based freelance Web/Android App Developer and consultant with a wealth of experience with corporate and small businesses. I have published a number of solutions including Posandro which is a revolutionary Point of Sale (POS) Application for the Android platform. I use cutting edge bleeding technology that is current and at the highest level. My primary focus is responsive design and making sure whenever I develop an Web/Android App, it is natively coded and inline with Google's Material design guidelines and principles.

Speed up development

When your dealing with one person as opposed to a sales, account manager, designer, developer and so forth, it can get a bit frustrating. As the sole Developer, I can give you better results within a reasonable timescale and with less hassle.

UX focused

Utilizing elements and principles of Google's Material Design, I am able to create a framework that focuses on User Experience (UX) and take your Website / Android App to another level. Simple yet visually compelling and appealing to the naked eye.


Being the founder and Developer of a successful Android Business App has taught me great business acumen, trading and dealing with people all over the world. I know what it takes to meet the demands of clients in a pressurised environment.

Process, explained

As the Lead Developer who has years of experience in software and industry standard practices will analyse and use my creativity in providing you the best solution for your business. I will also keep you updated all the way from all phases of development as well as providing you with prototypes and sample designs free off charge (if required).

01/ Concept and Strategy

You contact me via the contact form to discuss briefly about your project concept and or requirements. I hope that we can come to common grounds and see what is feasible. Rough estimates on bugdets and timescales can be can also be discussed to give you a picture of what to expect.

02/ Branding and Design

This is where my creativity begins with novel ideas and exploring them visually. Using the latest Google's Material Design trend and principles, prototypes will be presented to you so that you can engage in them early, give feedback, alterations and final approval so that we move to the development stage.

03/ Coding and launch

Agile based methodology will be used to regularly review and assess what I am developing. This incremental approach means that there are no surprises at the end. The review process for an Android App is just a few hours to make it on the Google Play store (unlike Apples's notorious acceptance/review process)

04/ Marketing and Maintenance

Most development agencies are not really interested in the welfare of your project. They are expensive, inconvenient and do not meet clients expectations. As the Lead Developer who has wealth of experience in Web will track the success of your project and maintain it to greater heights.

I'm the real deal right?

So what are you waiting for? Come hire me now :-)

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